Friday, September 13, 2019

Capital Punishment Essay - Death Penalty as a Deterrent to Crime

The death penalty was killed as a deterrent of crime by an undoubted man, and an innocent 12 - year - old girl was taken from her mother. This poor little girl's mother was hit by sorrow and anger, but the murderer did not want to die for himself, but to protect other innocent girls like herself. She sat and stared at the eyes of the man who killed her daughter. She saw inserting a needle containing a liquid they might take their lives. Execution of the death penalty (capital punishment) is an effective deterrence. The death penalty is a criminal who committed a crime such as rape or murder. Discussion about the death penalty has been going on for years and remains a very decisive and complicated problem. Society must protect them from these murderers by depriving their social role, but at the same time we are convicted or sentenced to death for offenses for which innocent people were not committed I have to make sure nothing has happened. Perhaps the most common argument of the deat h penalty is deterrence. The general idea is that enforcement of the death penalty prevents other offenders from committing violent acts. Many studies have been done to prove this belief. One reason for the capital punishment of the death penal servitude is the effectiveness of criminal deterrence. According to the advocates of the death penalty, potential criminals are afraid of receiving such severe penalties, so they will hesitate to commit crimes such as rape and murder. Without capital punishment, the number of deadly sins will increase like murder and murder. The bad guys are not afraid to do what they want to do, from handling drugs to killing others. If they do not punish their crime, the criminals will use the weaker people and the victims. Death penalty and death penalty can be said to be the maximum deterrent. The purpose of punishment is to serve as a deterrent to people who wish to follow the punishment footprints. Of course, if you commit a serious crime such as homici de, you are sentenced to death and actually executed, of course, this creates great fear for anyone who progresses on their footsteps. Nobody wants to die. Therefore, if a criminal knows that you will be sentenced to death if you are committed, they will not commit a particular heinous crime.

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