Friday, November 22, 2019

Criticism of Shakespeares play Macbeth Movie Review

Criticism of Shakespeares play Macbeth - Movie Review Example Macbeth is obviously a morality play where Shakespeare demonstrated that greed, ambition and power can corrupt a man just like what happened to Macbeth, once a loyal general of the king became a monster (figurative) when he believed the witches premonition that he will be king someday. The aplay also sent the message among its reader and audience that good will always triump over evil as Macbeth eventually fell even if he was the king of Scotland. The play was okay but I cannot say that it was terrific. Perhaps I did not appreciate the play that much due to the heaviness of Shakepeare’s language. But I like watching the play rather than reading the book because I understand the story better and it does not drag me to sleep. I thought of it as above average because there was not much technology used in the play to properly render the ghost of Banquo and the witches. They would have been a spectacular sight to behold had the production had enough budget. Shakespeare’s play is always worth doing. It raises the bar or standard of language and keeps us abreast on the beauty of the english language. The play also makes the book more interesting because in the play, the actors can vividly render the story. The plot of the story by itself also teaches a lesson that greed, ambition and power can corrupt which is a valuable lesson that students should learn in addition to appreciating the poetry of Shakespearean English.

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