Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Abortion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 7

Abortion - Essay Example topic of abortion first from a standpoint of statistical data which reinforces the fact that teen pregnancy, though declining in number, is leading to an abortion epidemic in the U.S., â€Å"In the U.S., teen abortion accounts for 19% of all procedures of this nature†(Huttenlocker, 2008). Establishing quantitative data by obtaining statistics from a reliable source is an effective approach to structuring a sound and convincing argument on any topic, especially one of this nature. Huttenlocker proceeds to establish that though teen pregnancy has actually declined in number within the last ten years, the abortion rate has not. This validates the fact that abortion is being treated as a means of birth control as opposed to being a last resort decision in extreme circumstances. By going on to include health information pertinent to teens having abortions, Huttenlocker is able to clearly establish the notion that abortion may not be the best alternative for teens, especially as a m eans of birth control, â€Å"Teens are at higher risk for post-abortion infections such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and endometritis (inflammation of the uterus), which may be caused either by the spread of an undiagnosed sexually transmitted disease into the uterus during the abortion, or by micro-organisms on the surgical instruments which are inserted into the uterus†(Huttenlocker, 2008). Huttenlocker does not exhibit specific rhetoric which serves to convince his reader as much as he presents claims supported by quantitative data thus reinforcing his credibility. This method utilized by Huttenlocker leaves little room for fallacy or the suspicion of it. This article does not leave its reader in the dust as does the following article but instead, actively informs the reader without prejudice or preaching and thus should be rated as 1 out of 4, 1 being the highest rating due to skilled rhetoric, without a great deal of unsubstantiated claims or fallacies. The next article was

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