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Saint Albertus Magnus ( Year 1193-1280 ) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Saint Albertus Magnus ( Year 1193-1280 ) - Essay Example He is also referred to as the â€Å"Doctor of the church†. This is one title that was bestowed amongst the greatest men in the Roman Catholic Church (Attwater, 2003). It should be observed that the name is bestowed on only 33 people who have led and given their life to their respective missions globally. He was a very knowledgeable man who had received his education at a very tender age. As early as he could, he mastered the teachings of the famous philosopher Aristotle. In many instances, he is quoted as a very resilient man who shunned his own family for the sake of the mission. This is especially after his family denounced him for joining the parish. He is also on record saying that if it were not for the Virgin Mary, he would not be in the mission. This is because he states that he had an encounter with her. It is during this encounter that she convinced him to give his life to the mission. This is what convinced him to give his life to the church. It is also because of hi s great mind that Saints like Aquinas graced the world. He is responsible for the moulding of Thomas Aquinas into a philosopher and theologist of great repute. This enabled the latter to be one of the greatest men in the church. His profound teachings and guidance are said to have effectively steered Aquinas to the paths that he crossed. He was a very humble and efficient leader who always wanted what was best for the people. He always put his needs last (Emsley, 2001). During his time period, Albertus contributed greatly to all walks of life. He is said to have healed the world with his profound wisdom. His wisdom enabled him to write very many information materials that gave way to many theories and analogies. These theories are still in use today. He wrote books on Biology, Religion and Psychology and many other fields. His thoughts and opinions on the many subjects projected the fact that Albertus was a genius. He had the ability to understand the universe, all that was around i t and what was required to ensure that the field of knowledge was robust with new ideas and knowledge (Magnus, 2003). His humility is something that was emulated all over the world. He was offered a horse that would enable him to move freely within the Dominican Republic. In his lifetime, Albertus never rode the horse. He was known to walk as he went on the various activities that he had to conduct. This created a chance for very many ordinary people to interact freely with him. This is because in many instances, the people walked to and from their various activities. This gave him more resilience to spread the gospel in many parts of the world that he travelled to. It also gave him a chance to share his wisdom with those that chose to walk with him (Collins, 2010). Albertus time period received a great contribution form this powerful mind. He contributed greatly to the general area of science, philosophy and psychology amongst others. He created a very wide gap as many of his count erparts in the parish acknowledged that he was indeed a man of great repute. Saint Albertus Magnus contributed significantly to history. He was so great and many people marvelled at him even in death. It is said that after his death, many of the people that came to view his body were actually healed of any diseases that they had. They were healed from many of their diseases and ailments. The healing ability from the saint came in the form of his body fragrance. Historically, it is also said

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