Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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To nearly people ethnicity is shown by values, lifestyles, customs, and rituals that are personal to an individual ethnic group or religion. The feeling of belonging to a certain group is a basic need for mankind. In a sense, ethnicity can be separated into two particular categories, a unique affable structure and culture heritage passed down from one generation to the next. I come from a Mexican family. This has shown me the m each similarities, as well as differences in a Mexican family compared to an American family. From a young age we are taught that the value of family is the or so important thing in the world. Most Americans encourage their children to trigger off out after graduation from either high school or college, Mexicans believe that their children should live with them until they are married or around the ages of 25-30 years old. The most important family member in the Mexican family are the elderly. They are given special treatment and attention. For example our beliefs is that the elders shouldnt go to retirement homes. They are welcome in the family and are cared for until there last days. Grandchildren are taught to be respectful and to aways Listen to the elders, especially if theyre your grandparents. Most Mexican families are extremely traditional, with the man as the indicate of the house hold, and the authority figure. Machismo (masculinity) in all latino countries is a huge problem, not only because women are being deprived of their freedom, but because men outcry their power. I asked five Mexican women how they felt about Machismo in Mexico. Two of the five women told me kind of the same thing They believe that it is not a deleterious thing, but it depends on the man. The other three were very against it, and they ... aspect for Americans, because most Americans have their life planed out on a cellphone or on a planner and too often it doesnt include their family. Mexican food is influenced by the ancient civilizati on. For examples the Mayans ate corn tortilla with a bean paste that cover the tortilla. The Aztec found out that mixing and squishing different types of vegetables makes a savory appetizer they call salsa. They also learned how to make what are now called tamales. When the Spaniards came they brought over milk, rice and other products that were new to Mexico. But have now remained in the cuisine. Mexico has an amazing culture. It is full of wonders and mystery that are yet to be discuss. Mexico just like any other country has its fall backs, but one day Just like the United States it will rise up and be one of the most powerful countries in the world.

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