Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity An Evaluation Movies are images of a certain vitrines life it depicts the characters environment, the weather, and entirely the necessary ingredients that make up the movie that is being watched. There are many types of movies comedy, drama, documentary, and sci-fi but at that place is one type of writing style of movie, that most tidy sum have the pleasure of watching. The shuddery movies they are the best kind, they scare, yet the audience cannot turn away. Watching the movie Paranormal Activity, it really frighten me. only when the things that had grasped my attention were the actors, plot, scenes, sound, and cinematography. The actors were extremely well in portraying the part of a stricken girlfriend with a demon in her home with her caring boyfriend. They were very(prenominal) nice in screaming in all of the parts that were needed to be screamed at. But not only did it cause her, but a equal lead cause the viewers to scream in terror and fear. Mica h is this manly sort of man who feels that he can take care of the demon and his girlfriend.Katie becomes extremely loaded by the antics of Micah and tries to find help in other ways. Another reason why I enjoyed the actors was because they made everything seem so real. They made the sleeping, the arguments, and the existence of demons real. You in like manner see the change inMicah, he goes from unafraid, and not disturbed by her past, to a complete 360. He becomes fearful, and gets mad and try to take out the demon. All the scary movies start out the same way, everything is always normal, and something drastic happens, which makes the main character afraid of her surroundings.But in the movie, Paranormal Activity, it was always with her. It never seems to leave her alone. She was haunted by the ghost. In the end of the scary movie, nothing good ever comes out of it, something that is dramatic always plays out, in tell apart to scare the viewers out. It is always expect that th e plot is rim to have a good twist because it is a frightening movie, while waiting for the twist in the movie it ended, and realized that there was no twist. It is the same old boring type of scary movie as previously seen before.It is a pretty straightforward movie, with no twist and no excitement, just a lot of scary faces. When the scene of a haunting movie takes place there is always that one scary building that has people talking nigh it, creating rumors, and scaring people. The only difference is that instead of a scary building it is a nice two bedroom apartment. Instead of the community creating rumors about the house, it is the girlfriend. The scenes of the movie could be established by the days of darknesss that they had stayed in the place.It was fairly nice as to the scenes could be distinguished from each other. It caused the viewer to establish a certain timeframe as to when and where the haunting is taking place. The scene is also great because in the woods or a b ig house all to youself, everyone have a go at its what is bound to happen. The audience realizes the danger of the woods, or the mansion Yet this house is similar to your own house or one you have lived in for a while. No one really suspect any scary things to be happening in a place where you are surrounded by people in every direction.I also love the scenes because in the beginning there is no opening credit or the title of the movie, it seems like two normal cheerful couples with a small problem. It makes the movie really believable and scares you from even standing up in a dark room. One scene that made me recover was when Micah was mad at his girlfriend for not telling him that she had a demon that came to her from time to time. It shows his concern for his safety, and his anger at her omitting some information from him.The sound in every scary movie is always the same, and so, it is true with this one as well. First the sound begins, getting you ready to be spooked, yet yo u let all the anticipation get hyped up, only for a door swinging back and forth. They keep on using the same sounds over and over again teach you, to get all scared for no particular reason. It was very well played in the sense that it had a warning bell in order for your attention. But the sound really does create a sense of urgency in you to close your eyes, run away or even take the magnetic disk out.The reoccurring sound shows that it is meant to be scary as with the night time style camera. Since the sound was played in almost every scene, it adds more horror to the film. But just when you get tired and bored of hearing the same noises over and over again each and every couple of night, you get taken aback. horrify takes over instead boredom and surprise instead tiredness. You start to rise back up into your seat, and get sucked in by what is happening, all because of the sound. The cinematography reeled me in from the start.The movie is not some guy who is a professional a t handling cameras it is the same guy that is the main character. It is done extremely well also because it is not bumpy, nor shaky it is held by a really steady hand. In the start you see the character and their change between Micah and Katie. They make it seem like a normal day with their normal life and nothing out of the ordinary. It is shown as a life just like you and me but at night is where the real fun begins. He puts the camera on a tripod and the night vision is turned on so we can see all that is qualifying on.There was really good visuals on the nights, and the days, and also on the mundane activities that were going on like her making jewelry, or her talking to her friend. It sparked your interest because you wanted to know when the scary part was going to take place. Any scary movie can be scary if you throw in a demon or a ghost in the mix, but if you include all of the right mixture then you may truly scare any individuals. It may any be by the plot, scenes, actor s, or even the cinematography. Overall, while the movie was a bit of a cheap thriller, it made you flinch and your heat lurch and everyone postulate a good thrill now and again.

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