Thursday, June 6, 2019

Interview with a human resource manager Essay Example for Free

Interview with a kind-hearted alternative manager EssayMany organizations represent out human resource management section separately so that an expert ser wrong-doing is provided to the people and the human resource function performed efficiently. These organizations consider people as their most priceless assets and so they need managers in this section who atomic number 18 efficient, responsible and devoted to the rules and regulations of the respective organization.For this they need a capable person who support cover up the responsibilities excellently and help in further development of the organization. Different organizations have varied expectations from the female genital organdidate and the ecruitment is done according to the requirements of the company. It depends upon the size of the company, the corporeal nature of the products, the size of the staff members, its functions, aims and complexities that decide what exactly is expected from a human resource depar tment.A human resource manager has to keep a balance between the employer and the employees. He has to act as an advocate for both, the organization and the people who mold for it. Only one or two decades ago the human resource manager was associated with personnel and administrative division of the company and more often than not confined to some aper work. They had to deal with hiring of the employees for different sections of the company, paying them and dealing mostly with their benefits.But like a shot most of the organizations are customer centered and are becoming more adaptable to reassigns needed for successful marketing strategy. So the responsibilities of todays human resource manager is to take care of customer satisfaction and make specific changes considering success in marketing along with taking care of the benefits of the employees, payroll and do some paper work as well. The HR manager has to be very attentive and cautious with ny and every change that is taki ng place in the marketing policy.With the globalization of small and big businesses, it seems that the development of an organization depends quite a lot on the human resource manager and so he is answerable to almost every aspect of marketing and customer satisfaction section. This includes a lot of work pressure, which burdens the professionals a lot. nearly every human resource manager is suffering form this problem and feels the pressure from various directions. They have to discuss the matters and the targets need to be achieved in imited prison term and above all be updated with the latest in marketing strategy.Those who are interested in regular competition and want to progress fast can try and make human resource manager a career but I feel that with so much of work pressure a man will have to sacrifice a lot in life just to satisfy his ego and earn success and new high gear in monetary section. With flexible working hours the manager has to sacrifice various aspects of r ecreation and relaxation with family and friends. With stress and conflicts in the organization, the human resource manager unavoidably to take care of it before it does any harm to the organization.He needs to be like a team leader and convince the employees with the views of the management and vice versa. Open communication and discussion helps a lot and the manager balances if there is any aggressive attitude in the employees. The only thing that I work out from the interview with a human resource manager is that the job satisfies people who are very ambitious and enthusiastic. It is not that the job or its responsibilities are not reachable. Some managers find it very challenging and like to work in a competitive environment so that the charm of life and work remains there for them.

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