Saturday, June 8, 2019

Journal Entry 3 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Journal Entry 3 - Assignment ExampleIn most situations, a manager often canvass the task at hand and then determine the skill necessary to per take on the task.Studies have shown that most individuals have a better instinct or rather quicker chthonianstanding of tasks and hence per take then faster than others. It is for this sake that some tasks end up stalling because the team to play the task was non scrutinized or analyzed properly by the management. Other than stalling the process, this also slows down many processes and in turn might not only affect that department but the whole organization. When this happens, then the organization is likely to suffer a loss.In reality, a manager is meant to use the acquirable resources for the undertaking of the task assigned. If the manager picks a task and the resources for the task are not available, then the process will be slow. At such instances, the employees under that manager also get frustrated because of lack of work and reso urces. At the same time, the employees are supposed to have the ability to understand the task at hand as they are part of the resources of an organization.There are various ways of determining the human behavior model. One of them is cognition. It is the process in globe which describe how information which is constantly acquired is transformed and stored for later use as knowledge in decision making. It includes a range of mental processes such as visual images, problem solving, languages and decision making. The task an employee is meant to be assigned depends on how this model has been analyzed and how quickly the employee works.The interpersonal process depends on how well the employees in the organization work and relate to each other. The grouping of employees during tasks also depends on their speed of working and the chemistry that exists between them. At the same time, the groups have to be put in manageable ways.One of the issues experienced is the grouping of

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