Thursday, June 20, 2019

Solution Proposal Argument Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Solution Proposal Argument - Essay ExampleIt each seems very promising. But it comes with some very serious potential consequences and spatial relation effects. The most severe of which is the way that genetic engineering could contribute drastically to a decrease in biodiversity. This is a serious problem. Background In order of battle to understand the issue better, it is necessary to understand a little more about biodiversity, its importance, and what genetic engineering actually is and how it could negatively impact nature. Biodiversity represents the uniqueness of all living thing. It is part of natures formula for allowing development of some traits and characteristics that are beneficial to a species survival, and weeding out those that are less desirable.(Cho) Biodiversity is essential to run across all of our basic needs, like sustenance, water, fuel, shelter and medicines. The primary sources of most medicines are plants and animals. In fact, in the United States, of the 150 most commonly prescribed drugs, they all find their origin in the biodiversity of nature. Properly functioning ecosystems rely on pollination, climate regulation, nutrient cycling, water purification, seed dispersal, and control of agricultural pests. If biodiversity was compromised then these ecosystems would transpose drastically or fail all together.(Ameri put up Museum of Natural History) Genetic engineering would allow scientists to act in the place of nature. They can patch up what traits are most desirable according to their design. Genetic engineering is a broad label for a number of different applications, from altering seeds to cloning, all communicate under the label of genetic engineering. However, there are presently laws that heavily regulate certain types of genetic engineering research that can be performed relating to mankind beings, but plants and animals are being regularly researched. The likely loss of biodiversity and how to prevent it is a very re levant concern when considering how to balance the issue. Solutions Currently many food crops are being genetically altered to resist attack from parasites and pesticides. These resistant crops could flourish in areas where other crops previously had not. In the article, Mourning the Increasing passing play of Biodiversity, Mahjula V. Guru and James E. Horne, explain that the cultivation of sustainable crops has been through the hard work of our farming ancestors, which relied on the diversity of the plants to develop their place in the given environment. genetically altered plants eliminate that adaption to the environment. Also, they warn against genetic pollution which is the unknown effects of these altered plants upon the existing crops and wild plant life. A extremity called Tilling has been suggested as a viable alternative to genetically engineered plant life. Tilling, which stands for Targeting Induced Local Lesions in Genomes, where plants are exposed to radiation and ch emicals that, ultimately, caused the targeted genes to deactivate.(GMO Safety) The Bioplant company used this process to create amylose-free potatoes. This process had been in use for a long while and has been successful. However, because Tilling is not as finite and cannot offer the specificity that genetic engineering can its efficiency, in the long term, is questioned. Then again, it may not be as efficient, but it has no

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