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Operational Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Operational Management - Essay ExampleThe range of the bolts according to the length differs from 2 inches to 12 inches. According to the length and function of the bolts, thickness of the bolts varies. In the particular fraction of the organisation bolts come in several sizes. Here sizes differ either by half inch or by an inch. in general the different sizes of bolts ar received in the organisation in an ascending order and the bolts are loaded in the container accordingly. The containers do not arrive in a specific order. Each container consists of 5000 bolts irrespective of the size. Special colour codes are utilise for recognising the varieties of bolts contained in each container. Nuts also arrive in the congregation line in the similar manner as the bolts. The major work process of the employees starts after arrival of both bolts and nuts as they need to fit up the nuts and bolts. After coupling up the nuts and the bolts, it should be loaded in a designated container. Th e accountability of carrying out the loaded container for weighing is the responsibility of other employees employed for the specific purpose. Regarding the productivity of the section, it apprise be stated that 1000 nuts and bolts are coupled up in an hour. This productivity is not according to the expectation especially while measured in comparison to the cost of production. Moreover, to deal with the bulk sales, the productivity needs to be stimulated. 2.0 group Methods Assembly methods can be of several types. From the above discussion, the method followed by the organisation can be identified. Assembly line can be considered as a line of the factory equipments and workers associated with the production work and manufacturing products that move on the line from post to station until the products come as the final products. Assembly line methods are introduced in a manufacturing unit to stimulate its efficiency and productivity as it can reduce the required time to manufacture finished goods. The method that has been used in this manufacturing unit is a break down method where the entire production processes are divided into certain units. The nature of the work of each section is different. The reason behind breaking down the production process is to enhance the accuracy of the production. Moreover, the assembly method used in this section can be considered as the manual assembly because there is involvement of 200 employees. The comparison between the different assembly methods including manual method can be exhibited in terms of cost of production and volume of the products as follows Figure 1 Comparison of Assembly Methods Source (Chan & Salustri, Comparison of Assembly Methods). In this note, it can be recommended to the management to adopt just-in-time process. Through this process delivery of the goods can be ensured in proper time. Thus, wastage of idle time and space and processing waste can be eliminated to a certain extent (Inventory Solution, 2007). 3.0 Current Assembly Station and Employees Feedback The number of current assembly stations is four. At the first assembly station different sizes of nuts and bolts are

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