Friday, June 14, 2019

Reflective account for postgraduate activities Essay

Reflective account for postgraduate activities - Essay ExampleAll the same, I believed that my paper was in its comprehensive form. I was only to make a few changes with my lecturers in order to make the presentation easier.I finally made my oral presentation before early(a) intellectuals and stakeholders. The initial part of the conference solely entailed presenting my ideas in concise forms. In the beginning, I made a justification for my study by stating that risk commission is an unexplored element in the study of finance. This is because of the empiricism and analysis that studies on risk demands. In the oral presentation, I made my references from a PowerPoint slides that I had nimble on my laptop. This enabled me go through the presentation procedurally as I moved from the most basic parts to the most abstract segments. Thereafter, I faced questions from the audience, which occurred at the end of the presentation.When I began my PhD, I held the idea of testing my thoughts a gainst fellow scholars. This is an ultimate feat for every scholar as other people discuss your findings all over an issue. In turn, this is a method of gaining legitimacy in the academia. Gaining legitimacy finally certifies ones academic products and makes a person gain acceptance among internal people. This is unlike the undergraduate level where there are no stringent standards over presenting ideas. In this sense, I wanted the foundation for advancing knowledge in the future and produce ideas that gain acceptance across disciplines.I realized that it takes more than a good idea to earn legitimacy in life. During the presentation, I had to develop charm while passing on my ideas. This because charm makes people glued to ones ideas in spite of abstractions. Besides, I had to learn how to stand an audience through long sessions. This was also essential for hearing my own inner voice as I made presentations.

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